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Le Grassroot Radio project is piloting solutions for community information platforms and media pluralism, working to lower the barriers to start and sustain a community radio station, create regional and European-wide networks of stations that can pool community-level resources, co-innovate collaborative media services and increase the impact of those stations through a combination of existing digital and nondigital technologies. With partners in Ireland, Romania and Portugal (Madeira), we are experimenting new technologies based on a strong interaction between mobile telephony, traditional radio and Text to Speech (TTS) technologies, à travers le RootIo platform.

Welcome to Grassroots Radio, a European-funded project aiming at piloting solutions for participatory innovation in the…

posté par Grassroots Radio surThursday, September 13, 2018

After the first year of the project, we are currently broadcasting in Bere Islands (Ireland). In Madeira, the Grassroots Radio team has been doing a lot of activities in Curral das Freiras, a civil parish of about 2000 inhabitants in the centre of Madeira and location of one of our grassroots radio stations. The most important outcome so far, is the licensing process in Romania, that through our partners (Activewatch and Medialert), reached to obtain a community radio licence for the first time in the country. Two radio stations will be launched soon in the Danube delta, Radio Civic Vârvoru de Jos (Dolj) and Radio Civic Sfântu Gheorghe (Tulcea).

In this framework, we recently attended the high-level policy workshop La voie à suivre pour l'innovation sociale numérique: Comment la technologie de soutien de l'UE en tant que force pour l'autonomisation et l'impact social?, which took place in Brussels on April 26, 2019. The workshop was organized by the global innovation foundation dans ce, Dans le cadre de l'innovation sociale numérique (DSI4EU) project. The workshop explored how the European institutions can support Digital Social Innovation (DSI) and create a future where technology empowers citizens to tackle our biggest social and environmental challenges.

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