World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters - Asociación Mundial de Radios Comunitarias - Association Mondiale des Radiodiffuseurs Communautaires

La régulation dans le Maghreb et le M...


Séminaire et journée d’étude “La régulation dans le Maghreb et le Mashrek: Les défis” 23 mars 2015, Tunis Au-delà de leur simple définition de « médias », les radios associatives jouent un rôle déterminant dans le pluralisme médiatique, la diversité de la production journalistique, la création de nouveaux espaces publics et le développement local. Suite aux réformes […]

Workshop to improve capacity and abil...


[Download PDF] Since the pro-democracy uprisings of the 90s ushered in the liberalization of the media landscape in Africa, Community radio has quickly moved to establish itself as a tool of choice for poor and marginalized communities to fight poverty in Africa. In Senegal URAC, an association of 73 community radios is bringing climate advisories […]

Audios y broadcast


This page will contain various audios programs created by AMARC members at the 4th World Forum of Free Media (FMML) (different languages, indicated in each audio). You can also see the videos from World Social Forum TV LAST DAY WORLD SOCIAL FORUM 2015 – SATURDAY 29 MARCH ….. At least 4,000 mass-based movements and organisations and […]

AMARC’s activities at the FMML


  Measuring the Impact and Ensuring the Sustainability of Community Radio Practices What is the impact of community radio and are sustainable practices possible? Community media institutions, like community radio stations, provide locally-owned infrastructure for accessing media production and broadcasting. By community media, we mean non-profit, participatory media institutions that are largely volunteer-run and provide […]

On International Women’s Day, AMARC j...


Montreal, March 6, 2015. The World Association of Community Broadcasters (AMARC) is joining forces with UNESCO and the Global Alliance on Media and Gender for the Women Make the News 2015 initiative. Under the theme ‘’Yes we must! Reaching Gender Equality in the Media by 2030’’, this initiative aims to push forward the involvement of women […]



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