Radiocooperation: a day of radio debates conferences


L’association RESIPROC (Specialists Network Engineering Cooperation Projects) in partnership with the FRANF (Fédération des Radios Associatives du Nord de la France) proposaient le jeudi 19 mars 2015 une journée de conférences-débats consacrées à la radio comme outil de développement. Les échanges ont pris forme d’une série de trois émissions radiophoniques publiques animées par les journalistes de la Fédération et mises ensuite à disposition pour diffusion en France et à l’international. Réunissant un large panel des acteurs du secteur de la coopération radiophonique, cette journée était ouverte à tous : étudiants, professionnels ou citoyens concernés par les questions de développement.

In most crisis or developing countries, radio is a "crossroads media" main vehicle information and communication accessible to everyone, everywhere. participatory tool par excellence, it is at the heart of local development issues and often a major player in the establishment and strengthening of democratic processes.

Its resources are limited, however, his constant professional needs and survival against commercial or partisan radio precarious enough to warrant support and development assistance.

But what does "grow" these radio stations? Which realities and assumptions cover this concept has evolved considerably historically? Emissions-day conference that explored three tracks: the infrastructure building, editorial and technical.

Recorded shows are online
freely downloadablefreely diffusible by all radios wish ... and willed the project team from the start.