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As part of the Grundtvig Learning Partnership, the partners agreed to produced and broadcast four radio programmes on the partnership themes. Below, the links to the programmes produced by each radio. nearfm SNRL Radio Kultura International Women’s Day Co-production Dans le cadre du partenariat éducatif Grundtvig, les

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Environmental Spaces in Community Radio. Grundvig Learning Partnership Meeting. Sheffield, England 23-25 May 2012

Representatives from Basque Country, France and Ireland met in Sheffield to shared their experiences on environmental content in Community Radio. The meeting was hosted by Sangita Basudev of Sheffield Live and attended by Susana Albarran of Radio Vallekas, Patrice Berger of Radio Pleuriel & Radio d’ici St. Julien Molin Molette, Mikel Etxebarria of Radio Kultura, Noel McGuinness and Zandra Ball

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