Radio Študent fête ses 50 ans!

Radio Student is a non-profit, urban community radio station, established by the Student Organisation of the University of Ljubljana on the 9th of May in 1969, as a direct result of the student movements in the 60s. As such, it is one of the oldest and strongest community radio stations in Europe, with over 200 regular student and non-student contributors. Since its early beginnings, Radio Študent has strived to promote values such as tolerance, freedom of speech and solidarity. It plays a crucial role in Slovenia’s society by providing informal media training for students and young people who are willing to learn, but are not yet established as media professionals. Each year, Radio Študent trains more than 50 new young radio announcers, sound technicians, and journalists who report on politics, music, culture and science.

Tout au long de l'histoire de la radiodiffusion slovène, Radio Študent se distingue en tant que présentateur avant tout et critique de la musique mondiale événements, mettant en avant une forme caractéristique de la critique musicale et objectif passionné d'introduire edgy, musique marginalisés et provocante à travers le monde à ses auditeurs. Cet objectif est non seulement réfléchi sur la l'air de Radio Študent, mais aussi sur le terrain, parmi beaucoup d'autres concerts, Radio Študent a pour les 18 dernières années, a organisé le Marathon Club (marathon club), a series of over 20 concerts in venues across the country for aspiring artists, where many of the alternative scene’s heavyweights got their chance to be heard for the first time. Each year, the record label ZARŠ, Radio Študent’s very own, also releases a promotional CD for the bands, selected to participate in Klubski Maraton.

An important contribution to the content of Radio Študent’s programme is also made by the journalists who specialise in politics, culture & humanities, student & higher education issues, and science. Often educated primarily through the informal media training received at RŠ, the journalists regularly manage to produce quality broadcasts and tackle complex topics in a unique and thorough way. Radio Študent extensively covers the work of cultural institutions and has established one of the most prolific productions of cultural reviews in Slovenia. In its political coverage, the journalists strive to focus both on marginalised topics from across the globe, as well as local topics of utmost importance that do not receive sufficient coverage elsewhere. Overall, Radio Študent has always served as a loudspeaker for a multitude of voices – several ethnic and social minorities find their place here, and are able to produce their own broadcasts.

Les célébrations du 50e anniversaire de Radio Študent ont débuté en Mars avec une série d'événements en direct en coproduction avec des lieux et des institutions culturelles de concert les plus éminents de partout le pays. Le point central est le grand concert le 9 mai avec la monde célèbre groupe slovène Laibach et l'orchestre de jazz alternatif Mimika, basé entre Zagreb et Londres.