Le REMC lancera sa stratégie pour le droit de communiquer dans tous les domaines

« Les graines ont été plantés. Maintenant, nous allons les arroser », explains the new chairperson of the Community Media Network ReMC, Mariano Fernández Cabarcos.

It is the best image to describe the decisions taken at the assembly of the ReMC (Spanish network of community media) held in A Coruña, Galicia, 13-14 April 2018. Community media are going to plan actions and create alliances to guarantee the right to communicate of the citizenship at the autonomous and state levels of the administration, as well as in the social and political sphere. These new initiatives are part of an action plan that also aims to strengthen the network and its partners.

The political and legal strategy of the ReMC will show that the discrimination suffered by the citizens involved in community media is a human rights violation. It distances us « incompréhensiblement » des normes européennes et internationales et doit être résolu « de toute urgence et de manière adéquate », emphasizes Fernández Cabarcos.

This Assembly also served to support CUAC FM and make visible the impact created by the prohibition to the radio station to broadcast in FM imposed by the Xunta de Galicia (autonomous government), after the 21 years of service of this community station to the citizens of A Coruña. More information in Spanish iciet here.

AMARC Europe’s president Michael Nicolai, expressed his support to CUAC FM and the Spanish Community and Free Radio movement via video.