Conferencia sobre Migración y Medios conciencia 2017

The official Conference on Migration and Media Awareness 2017 video and photos are now available, together with other documentation on their sitio web.
The Conference on Migration and Media Awareness 2017 was the first ever dialogue of Media Practitioners, Policy Makers, Activists and Newcomers (Refugees/Migrants).
The CMMA 2017 is a two-day conference jointly organized byAwareness Network Radio de refugiados, Arbeitsgemeinschaft Radio e.V and Kampnagel Internationale Kulturfabrik.
It convenes approximately 250 participants to engage in discussions with key stakeholders (policymakers, educators, social workers, activists, bloggers, journalist, and representatives of communities) around the importance of social empowerment and participation. Our attention will turn to current issues such as Refugeeism, Migrantism, Mainstreamism and the negative media narrative.