Flanders: a new research about frequencies and accessFlandre: une nouvelle recherche sur les fréquences et l’accèsFlandes: un nuevo estudio sobre las frecuencias y el acceso

The organization KPMG is currently carrying out a study on the radio sector in Flanders (Belgium). The main question is to think about the future distribution on the FM band. The study will serve as a basis for the policy in Flanders who wants to reshape the radio sector. A part of the study is about a benchmark with UK,

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Sweden: commercialisation of community radios frequenciesSuède: la commercialisation des fréquences radios associativesSuecia: la comercialización de las frecuencias de las radios comunitarias

In Sweden commercialisation and privatisation of community radio is a deep and increasing problem. Commercial radios on community radio frequencies are still operating and also that a niche market is on the increase. Especially in the Skåne region there are several commercial outlets being organized into networks. A new commercial network “Retro FM” in Malmö will be using the community

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Finland: Community Radios meeting and Parliament hearingLa Finlande: réunion radios associative et audition devant le ParlementFinlandia: Reunión de radios communitarias y audiencia en el Parlamento

Representatives of Finnish community radios will meet together on February 28th in order to establish a common political path towards the full recognition of the sector in Finland. The meeting takes place at the Finnish Parliament in order to meet the Minister of Culture, Paavo Arhinmäki and Minister of Communications, Krista Kiuru. The community radio sector in Finland suffers the

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