Rural Radios European MeetingRéunion Européenne Radio RuraleEncuentro Europeo de la Radio Rural

The fifth partnership meeting was organised by SNRL, which hosted the first rural community radios gathering in Saint Germain d’Esteuil, near Bordeaux, on 8th November, and which was attended by delegates from 62 Community radios in France, Spain, Ireland, Britain, Luxemburg, Romania, Sweden and Italy. It coincided with the 30th anniversary of the opening of the radio spectrum in France,

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Adult Education in the AMARC Europe Conference in Dublin (24-26 Feb. 2011)L’éducation des adultes dans la conférence de l’AMARC Europe à Dublin (24-26 février 2011)La educación de adultos en la Conferencia de AMARC Europa en Dublín (24-26 de febrero de 2011)

On February 24, 2011, the European section of the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC-Europe) held a three-day conference in Dublin, Ireland, to analyse challenges to community media in Europe and define actions to reinforce the community radio movement and the right to communicate in Europe. The partnership decided to organise a panel discussion on Adult Education as the

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Community Radio and Minority and Migrant LanguagesRadio associative et des langues minoritaires et migrantsRadio Comunitaria y lenguas minoritarias y de migrantes

The second meeting of the Grundtvig Partnership was hosted by Radio Kultura, and took place in Hendaye (French Basque Country). It coincided with the 10th anniversary of another Basque Language community radio, Antxeta Irratia, and their conference on minority languages. During the events organised as part of the conference -and that were attended by all representatives of partner organisations- there

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