AMARC Europe strongly protest against the closure of the community television La Tele

AMARC Europe – World Association of Community RadioBroadcasters expresses serious concerns and strongly protest against the closure of the community television La Tele in Barcelona. “LaTele” spent many years fighting legal and economic adversity it faced since its constitution. When the project began in 2003, the Social Communication Assembly worked to achieve a legal framework for community media broadcastingand access to the airwaves. Although the collective was acknowledged by a legal recognition under

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Community Media in Strasbourg (II)

On the second day of the meeting in Strasbourg, the participants in the meeting were addressed by two MEPs. first, it was the turn of Catherine Trautmann, MEP, member of the committee of industry, research and energy. The former Mayor of Strasbourg, ex-deputy and ex-minister of culture and communications in France expressed her concern as it seems that “in this

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Lobby for Support for the Community Radio Pilot Project proposed to CULT Committee of European ParliamentLobby de soutien pour le projet pilote de radio communautaire proposé à la commission CULT du Parlement européenLobby de Apoyo para el Proyecto Piloto de radio comunitaria propuesto a la Comisión de Cultura del Parlamento Europeo

Dear members, As you know AMARC Europe has presented a so called “Pilot Project” -entitled Community Radios: Fostering European citizenship through cultural diversity and social inclusion and tabled by Marie-Christine Vergiat- to the Cultural committee of the European parliament. The decision is only political and doesn’t take into consideration any “technical aspect”. The project has been submitted. we are asking to put in place a fund of 2 million

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